AL Season 4: CUrse of Strahd

Grave Situation

Session 3

[Note, Cleric’s Player Absent at table]

As our Hero’s explored deeper into the crypts under the house, more than vermin soon assaulted them. in an intersection of the tunnels a swarm of gouls rose from the dirt to assault the party, pinning the party in the hallways and paralyzing the barbarian. after fighting their way through the undead, the party’s druid faced danger in the form of a Mimic disguised as a door. the party then found themselves face to face with the Dursts. who had become frightful undead monsters, and brought the vile cult leaders low. within the chambers of the durst the group found several items, including alchemist’s fire, potions, and a cloak of protection. Nearby, the party found a room with a mysterious orb guarded by shadows… obtaining it, the party prepairs to decend to the lower level, of this dread place


DaemosBlack DaemosBlack

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