AL Season 4: CUrse of Strahd

The Cult's Echo

Session 2

Undetered by the animated armor, the party continue to explore the strange row house of the Durst Family. Soon however it is apparent that all is not well in the Durst Residence, as after an encounter with an animated broom, The Party encountered the vengeful spirit of a young woman, and discovered the crib of an unknown infant. Exploring upward into the houses attic the party discovered a padlocked door, and after an hour of going back over the layout of the house, Durant recalled the likely location of the missing key.

Within the locked room, the truth of the Durst house began to unfold, as the players discovered the skeletal remains of the Durst children, along with their ghosts. The children explained they had been trapped in the house for many years, and that they had been locked in their own room and forgotten by their parents, where they had starved to death.

The party allowed the spirits of the children to follow them, as they at last entered the hidden stairwell down into the depths below the house.

Below, the basement proved to infact be an expansive system of clay and earthen tunnels crypts, and odd rooms. Equidean and Percival laid the remains of the children to rest in their tombs, freeing their spirits.

as the party moved beyond the crypts to a eating hall, they were attacked by a worm like creature that attempted to attack the party from the shadows


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