AL Season 4: CUrse of Strahd

Into the Mists

Enter Barovia

Camped for the night in a lightly wooded forest of oak and birch, Six adventurers set their watch for the night. Equidean, Durant, Percival, Hugo, Falmor, and Amelan spend the night in an ever encroaching fog and mist, but it is Equidean, who has last watch who is the first to realize that the forest has shifted; where once stood sparse oak and birch, now stands a choking wall of mist shrouded black pine, towering over them. To make matters worse, the party finds no tracks into or out of the camp – not even the ruts of the wagon wheels into the camp from the night before – and the Caravaneer is no where to be seen.

finding a road in the mist, the party moves out, the druid and cleric discovering that the mist, which follows them in a choking circle, is no mundane weather, as it withers the flowers spawned by Amelan’s druidcraft. despite the rising ill omen, the six find their way to a town of bleak houses with boarded windows and empty streets. Until they found the Durst Children.

Told their was a “monster” in the basement, the party began to meticulously investigate the Durst family Rowhouse, climbing story by story. Uncovering evidence of a Cult most foul, and an ominous letter from one “Count Strahd Von Zarovich” the party eventually made their way to the third floor, where they were greated by an animated suit of armor.


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